With radio singles that have charted internationally and multiple nominations as both Breakout artist and Breakout Top 40 artist, Sammy Hakim is a star on the rapid rise!  Her riveting live performances are just a small part of her talent equation.  In this era of mostly studio manufactured music, Sammy is a triple threat - a singer, a songwriter and a multi-instrumentalist.  She learned to play guitar and piano at a young age, and she also plays violin, ukulele and other instruments.


Taking inspiration from the life experience of herself and her peers, Sammy began composing and arranging songs when she was just thirteen.  Her musical influences are an eclectic mix and include:  Ed Sheeran, Bruce Springsteen, who gave her his guitar pick at his concert when she was 6 years old,  Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, Reba McIntyre, Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, the Jonas brothers, the Ramones, and Johnny Cash. Sammy’s soulful voice also pays allegiance to Nick Jonas, Avril Lavigne and Carrie Underwood. Sammy, referencing one of her musical mentors, states; “I love how Elvis Costello writes how he feels whether it’s pop, country, or rock. Since writing and performing music is one of her deepest passions in life, I also like to experiment with different genres based on what will best express  the feeling I want to convey.”


With a wisdom that far exceeds her young age, Sammy seeks to empower women through her powerful portrayals of love and loss. This is most eloquently demonstrated in her soul stirring hits ,"Fearless" and "Tuck Me In."  Sammy also has a charitable spirit and gives a portion of her record sales back to the community.  The aforementioned "Tuck Me In", which Sammy composed at just 15-years old, was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition and earns money for various organizations fighting domestic violence.  In addition to the Nashville Songwriters Association International, Sammy is a member of Songwriters of Washington and the Washington Area Music Association.


Sammy’s chart success is extensive.  Her singles “Fearless” and “Tuck Me In” made it to #3 on the Hot 100 charts, #1 on Top 40, and #8 on Main Country charts. Her single “Mark Me” was #1 on the Indie Top 40 NMW Charts, #5 on the Top 40 Charts and #9 on the Top 100 Indie Song Charts.  Her songs “Fearless” and “Mark Me” were finalists, in the International Songwriters Competition, and received  honorable mention in both the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and 2nd Song Universe. “Tuck Me In” won song and vocalist of the month for Song Universe.


In 2014, Sammy won Songwriters Universe, an international songwriting competition, and has been named by Nashville's Songwriters Association as "one to watch" seven times!  She was nominated for New Top 40 artist and Breakthrough artist on 2012 NMW and has been nominated for 2013 Top 40 Breakthrough Artist of the Year by New Music Weekly.

In addition, in 2013, she was named as One to watch at NSAI.


Touted by Yahoo!News as "a name to remember" and by iMovieLine.com as "comparable to Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson", Sammy Hakim will definitely be at the forefront of country pop music for many years to come.  She is set to continue her music studies at The Berklee School of Music starting this winter 2015. She may be contacted at sammyhakimmusic@gmail.com

Sammy Hakim

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